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When you bring home more than you intended.

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

This story is one of the first encounters I had after I had my Huna training in 2009. I was armed with a whole lot of information, but not a whole lot of experience. I thought saging would work to put this different energy out of my house, but after 2 days, the hairs on my neck kept standing up. What was going on?

I brought a box into my condo from my doorstep and the air around it felt thicker, heavier and definitely male. My dog even started barking at it and was seemingly tracking something I couldn't see, but could feel.

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What's with the box?

Imagine the excitement you feel when you finally get a package you ordered. You anticipate opening it and finally having that neat new piece of furniture that will grace your hallway. But what happened in my case, was that when I opened the door to retrieve the parcel, it just felt off. That there was more than the box that I was picking up, and I never had that experience before. As I set it down and started to open it up, my dog started barking.

"What's wrong, Tucker? What do you see?"

Imagining it was probably a fly, I looked around to find the culprit and imagining where the flyswatter was. There was no fly... but he was tracking something. My condo already felt heavier in the last few minutes, even thicker and I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was there. I just didn't know what or who it was. How very odd. I started walking over to the kitchen, where Tucker's eyes were glued and my outstretched hand began to tingle. A sign of focused energy. And it wasn't coming from the refrigerator, I tell you that much!

With the tingle sensation, I backed off and ran for my sage. That will work, right? (oh, how I laugh at that now) That will change the vibrations! I set off to smudge absolutely every nook and cranny, but a day later, nothing changed. I probably killed all the bacteria that had hoped to take root in my home, so I had that going for me, but I resolved to the notion that I was dealing with a male entity. I'd have to chat with him to see what was going on. I was trained for this, wasn't I? Ugh...

Off I went to sit on a chair and just relax and take a medium's approach. Turn off the higher consciousness and just listen, get what I get. And as I began to relax, my natural curiosity emerged. Why are you here? Where are you from? I ended up getting information that he was very old, and a vagabond of sorts. He liked to just cruise around and see the world, not just the world, but he was curious about people, more specifically. "Why did you come here with my box?" "It seemed like an interesting place to go."

After we had our tete a tete, I gently asked if he needed to be here any longer, if there was anything else he wanted to share or to know. It's funny, really. All anyone wants is to be acknowledged, understood, share some of our feelings and then we can move on. So, he did.

And in my minds eye, he shot off like a rocket, with grand sparkles cascading behind him until I couldn't see him anymore. What a fabulous exit.

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