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The Red Light in the Guest Room

" I thought it was jet lag but then I saw the light. After 19 hours of transit and as a frequent flyer I know what jet lag feels like. but this was different. I was restless, couldn't settle and a red pin light started to dash about the room." A true account from Jane, Australia

I had always felt the guest room was stuffy and a bit off, but I couldn't pin point it and then didn't think much of it before because I was rarely in that room. When Jane told me that she woke up to this red light, and that the light hid when she looked at it, she thought it really odd. Well, of course! This is not a traditional experience in a guest room or any room, for that matter.

When I finally went in to clear it so my guest could sleep better, I learned that there was a male entity attached to a knife in the drawer of the desk. Obviously, I had a little chat with the man and cleared the residual energies from the knife. All was well soon after.

The important thing I keep learning is how important it is to have compassion with this work. When you do, you help not only them understand and let go of their pain, but you grow as a person, as well. Softness and understanding is really important with all people, visible or not. It goes a long way.

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