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Property Clearing

If you are getting some heebie-jeebies, big or small, or your child is so scared to go to sleep at night, let me help you decipher what might be going on and how I can help clear it. Sometimes it's the property and sometimes, it's the inhabitants! Whatever the origin, I have lots of tools to help set the experiences to neutral so you can go on enjoying your property to the fullest.


A lot can happen on a property, positive and negative, but doesn't mean that it has to stay that way! From ghosts to creaks, things moving around, old history of floods, fires, extra emotions that seem to come out of nowhere, to whatever makes you somehow uncomfortable, I clear it all. I clear over 50 points of conflict and entanglements that your property may be struggling with.   

$350 and up.

Call Meredith    415.999.7675

Blessing a home or property has many amazing effects. It sets positive intention for the new owners, sets old energies to neutral and promotes positive  alignment of inhabitants, land and building going forward. I have learned the Hawaiian tradition of blessing a home with song and intention. It includes a simple clearing for the property.


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