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An Old Bar/Hotel. Employees Keep Quitting

Bars and Hotels see a lot of people going through their doors throughout the days, months, years and that means lots of different energies coming and going, too! If there's a bar fight and someone dies, where does that soul decide to go? Sometimes they stay...

A few years ago, I happened this great bar/lunch place in the East Bay of Northern California. The bar had been there around 100 years and you could tell! It had that seasoned look and feel of old wood, mirrors. A good patina. I looked at the menu adorning the window and decided to give it a try. Looked fantastic! And as soon as I stepped in, the weighty heaviness I know so well came around me. Armor up! Stay aware.

Since I was by myself, I decided to eat lunch at the bar and start a conversation with the bartender. Around the mirror behind him were candles and what seemed to be an offering of some sort. I smiled and asked him about the traditions of the candles. He began to tell me a little history of the place and of course, with all things ghost that he was soon to share, I became enthralled. He told me that he had worked there for a long time and always felt uneasy there but kept working because he liked the people and the job. He asked the owner if he could put candles out to honor a female deity, and his request was granted. "And what is going on with this place that you feel you need it?" I asked innocently, as if I really had no idea (but did).

He said that although the owner doesn't believe in ghosts, there are a few in there that regularly pull hair downstairs, push and shove the employees. Sometimes, a male voice is even heard taunting in an angry voice, basically establishing territory. Employees rarely last long in this establishment, and even though there is a revolving employee list, the owner still refuses to get help. I asked a few more questions about the male ghost and asked why he didn't leave. He said once he was shoved when he was new there and actually decided to have a conversation with the guy. He basically said "Look, I don't know why you are here. Please do what you want around here, but don't push me around. I'm not here to harm you or do anything but do my job. You stay to yourself and I'll stay to myself, ok?" And so an accord was met and he hasn't been bothered since. I eventually told him what I did and I asked if he would give the card to the owner if things got worse, which they certainly could.

In the world of ghosts/spirits/things we can't see, just wishing and hoping it to get better won't get the job done. Even staying in fear can add to the already negative energy living there. These energies are out of space and time and their energies can seriously affect your emotional and physical wellbeing. It's important to clear ourselves daily and where we work and live for an optimal experience. Why keep them around if it's going to make our lives difficult? Life is complicated enough, don't you think?

Fondly, Meredith

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