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Finally, My Child Can Sleep.

I was called upon to help a family reset it's home. A divorce recently occurred and the mother was looking to bring some more positive energy into their home. It also came out when I arrived that her daughter always cried and hated going to her room to sleep. She was always frightened and made a terrible event every. single. night. For 4 years. Can you imagine?

When a person dies in a home, often the soul moves on and meets their friends and family on the other side. Sometimes, though, the soul stays because of the connections to the home or the decisions of the living.

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Searching for their children, they remained. Out of time.

When I arrived at the home, there were many things to tackle. Noticing that the house was situated in the wedge of a valley, I knew all the energy was literally running like a stream through their house. There were some big boulders to help ground the energy, but it didn't feel enough. As I continued on, there was just a lot of weirdness in the architecture and further, it just all felt disjointed and not centered or balanced. I walked around, taking stock in heavy thick rooms, vortex feeling rooms, and old energies that were transmitting from the original plan of the house.

When a building has lots of changes over the years, renovations, fires, floods, remodels, and there is not an energetic update to here and now, there can be confusion and disjointed feelings in those experiencing the space.

The main room that had the most problems was the girls bedroom. The butterflies on the wall were placed in a scattered swirling pattern that increased the vortex feeling of the room. An old wedding dress in a box was emanating all sorts of emotion that was not appropriately located. And there was the soul of the woman who built the house still living there. No wonder the girl feared going in here! I wouldn't want to sleep here either.

So, I went to do my work, had a good conversation with the woman and learned that she stayed here because she loved her home so much and her son (still living) didn't want it when she died and sold it. She was heartbroken. And also, her husband had died there though he had moved on happily and without incident. She wanted to make sure the house was taken care of.

We reset the living room that had some feng shui issues, so the energy wasn't running down the hill and also some other rooms that had just old stuck energy from feelings, energies that had no place to go.

The next day I checked in with my client and she said that her daughter went to bed without incident. No crying, screaming or anything of the sort. She just went to bed and didn't think about it. And you know what? The daughter, aged 6, was never told that I was there or that anything had been changed in the house! I am so glad she can enjoy her room now and sleep soundly.

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