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A family finally reunited.

When you decide to clear a space, be careful how you phrase it. I ended up making the father quite angry when I suggested it. A loud "no" came from the corner of the room and made my hair stand on end. My friend even heard it. The crazy thing was that "nobody" was there.

Retreat centers and public spaces has lots of people going in and out, but this particular one had long-standing residents who just couldn't find the other parts of their family. So, they were stuck.

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Searching for their children, they remained. Out of time.

Out of the corner of my eye a movement made me start. I was washing my face, readying for bed and minding my own business. I asked my roommate if she had just walked by the door.

"No, I'm sitting on my bed."

"Well, I saw something. Are you sure it wasn't you?" It looked male, imposing and I saw feathers.

I know my question was silly because she knows her own goings on, but I insisted. She then was curious enough to take out her camera and snap a photo of the corner of the room. 5 orbs, small white circles, appeared in the digital image. There was only one light source behind a lampshade, so there was no logical reason we should see the 5 orbs. It was dark outside, no reflection of any sort. Uh oh... I think I know what that is. Orbs, if you may or may not already know, are the center part of an entity or ghost and sometimes it is captured on camera. In my experience, there are lots of orbs that people claim are caught on camera, but are really lens flare, reflection, a bug that flew by, or something else. but this? it couldn't be explained.

I then bolstered up my nerve and asked my roommate if I could clear the room. She said yes, but instantly, a huge NO! shot from the corner like a sonic boom. The air pressure in the room changed, our ears popped and our hair stood on end. (it does that a lot in this line of work, I have figured out.) I decided to change tactics.

Over the course of the next 10 minutes, I talked softly and respectfully to whoever was there, and pictures and information began to come into my head. The story that emerged was heartbreaking but ended happily, I am glad to report. The family all died in a large fire. I don't know if they warred with another group or it was an accident, but it seemed the fire and mayhem was intentional. In that, the two children in their family got lost. They couldn't find them and thus remained, scouring the area, long after death. Even the aunt and uncle were there searching. What was so amazing to me was that I knew the children were there, but no one could see each other. I implored the help of some on the other side to reconnect them all, according to their belief systems and or experiences. Whatever was most appropriate, and it was done. The energy gently faded away and the room felt different. After some further work and resetting, the land and building were more cohesive and in the present.

Suffice it to say, we slept in the other room, too scared by what we had experienced. In the middle of the night I was awakened by a voice "They're ok now." thinking to myself that I must be making this up in my head, I heard it again and a laugh at my novice experience. I calmed and went back to sleep, clutching my blankets and a crystal or two for protection and guidance. I was glad the family had found each other and glad that no one needed to be frightened in that room any longer.

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